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What's our plan?

FEX Global is focused on enabling the optimisation of hedging and risk management for market participants by providing futures and options for both commodity and energy markets, as well as emerging renewable energy and environmental markets.

Asia-Pacific is the world’s fastest growing region. This growth has been accompanied by an exponential pace of modernisation and maturity of financial market participants. 

We believe our region can be further serviced by regulated, counterparty guaranteed market infrastructure. It is our aim to help ignite the opportunities for risk management in energy, commodity and environmental markets. This, alongside the work being done by other exchanges, will enable the region to maximise its potential for stable economic growth.

Australia too is undergoing a profound and accelerating pace of change in new energy sources. This environmental asset class and new energy initiatives deserve, at a minimum, the same level of market integrity and product availability that is mandated for traditional energy and commodity markets.

FEX Global aims to enable price visibility for both traditional and new products by providing a transparent, regulated counterparty guaranteed risk transfer market place for planning, hedging and price discovery.  

The market is centrally cleared by CME Clearing, which is internationally recognised as an innovator in clearing with a wealth of risk management expertise. This combination, plus both CME Clearing knowledge of the global markets and location in the US means FEX Global’s Asia-Pacific customers will receive world standard clearing services