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CFTC Permits Trading on FEX Global by Direct Access from the U.S.

Global Products.

Energy, commodity and environmental asset classes

FEX Global provides a range of energy and commodity based futures and options contracts focused primarily at servicing the Asia-Pacific region.

We are also licensed to create and list contracts for tradeable environmental derivatives.

As we grow we will continue to add to our product offering for the purpose of enabling efficient risk transfer and price discovery for the energy, environmental and commodity product  asset classes.


MLO Exchange Status

Market Notice FEX Global MLO Exchange

In accordance with the Australian National Electricity Rules clause 4A.G.23 the AER has reviewed and subsequently approved the application by FEX Global Pty Ltd to be an MLO exchange. Participants now have the opportunity to trade MLO products on either the ASX24 or the FEX as these are both recognised MLO exchanges.

Environmental Markets. What's The Plan ?

FEX Global Shortlisted by Clean Energy Regulator to participate in the Request for Proposal for Exchange Trading, Unit Registry and Associated Services

We are focused on enabling the optimisation of hedging and risk management for market participants by providing futures and options for both commodity and energy markets, as well as emerging renewable energy and environmental markets.

Asia Pacific is the world’s fastest growing region. This growth has been accompanied by an exponential pace of modernisation and maturity of financial market participants. 


Iron Ore Australian Dollar 50 MT

FEX 50 MT Australian Dollar ICX 62 Iron Ore Futures and Options

Price Volatility Can Be Terrifying 

It’s hard enough to build, innovate and invest in energy, environmental and commodity ventures without having the added burden of price and counterparty risk.

We provide a capital efficient regulated market place where central clearing reduces your risk of counterparty default to nearly zero.

Too much price and counterparty exposure ? Transfer the risk to us.

Market Data

Market data direct from FEX or market data services

Market data direct from FEX or market data services

Market Regulation.

Market Regulation

Not only is market regulation an Australian market license requirement, it is fundamental for the operation of a fair, orderly and transparent marketplace. It exists to protect market integrity and to allow enforcement of rules that protect all market participants. 

First Day Trading

FEX VIC June 2022 $300 Strike 5 Minute Cap Trades 10,920 MWh

Market data can be found on this website or you can contact FEX Global for further detail.

Australian Carbon Exchange. FEX Global Shortlisted by Australian Clean Energy Regulator to Participate in the Request for Proposal for Exchange Trading, Unit Registry and Associated Services.

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