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FEX Global is an Australian based company that will provide and operate a range of energy, environmental and commodity based futures and options contracts focused primarily at servicing the Asia-Pacific region. Asian, US and European investors will have the opportunity to manage and trade risk that is more accurately aligned to the underlying energy and commodity raw materials that are produced, exported and consumed in the region.

FEX Global holds an Australian Market Licence pursuant to s795B of the Corporations Act (the Act) enabling it to operate a market for energy, environmental and commodity derivative products.

FEX Global's clearinghouse, Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. (“CME”) currently operates under an Australian Clearing and Settlement Facility Licence pursuant to s824B(2) of the Act which enables it to clear transactions matched on the FEX Global Market.

Significantly mitigate and manage your counterparty risk

Having CME novate the counterparty risk means that CME becomes the intermediary, or counterparty, to every trade, CME acts as the buyer for every seller and the seller for every buyer for every trade. 

Provide customers with capital efficiencies

The more efficient the capital use the more profitable a customer can be 

Provide more hedging opportunities to the Asia-Pacific region

The Asia-Pacific region is the fastest growing in the world. Orderly, transparent, counterparty cleared and regulated markets help drive economic development.   

FEX Global data

You can access FEX Global data via a data vendor of your choice, delayed data will be available from the FEX Global public website or directly via our market data gateways. 

What is the margin methodology which will be used for FEX contracts?

CME employs SPAN for initial margin requirements for all standard guarantee products including the FEX market. CME SPAN is calibrated using a scaled historical Value-at-Risk model.

For further information go to CME SPAN

What technical connectivity options does FGL Support?

FEX Global currently supports 4 independent software vendors (ISV's) that are tested and available for order entry via Fex Global's dedicated FIX and API gateways. These ISV's are TT ( Trading Technologies), CQG, Itiviti and Valdi Trader. All four ISV's have completed the mandatory conformance testing.